Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Dabbling in animation on Flipbook (ignore the watermark!)

First you have to know how to moonwalk before you animate it ;)
The song is "1901" by Phoenix

"Pillowed Feather" Sculpture

6'2" Tall

Pretty fun walking around campus carrying this around. How big was the bird you say? :P

More pictures and close ups...

"Incapacitated" Sculpture

The eyes are wires that I molded around light fixtures that I found. I liked the hollowness and protrusion of the shapes it made. 

More pictures and close ups...

Cerillas, Por Favor

17" x 14" color pencil

"Cerillas, por favor", matches please
I work in a small gift shop in a hotel. This man here is a regular. He doesn't buy anything though, just asks for matches. With the drawing I really pushed the color pencils to give the texture I wanted.

Nude sitting pose

Odd proportions makes for an interesting figure drawing sesh. 

Some figure drawing


The 7 Faces of Boogie

Exploring different facial expressions through this character I thought up, Boogie.

Thursday, January 26, 2012